drivingsimulator-1024x437The DriveWise SafeStart driving school program offers students a comprehensive driver’s education that touches on current issues that are relevant to students learning how to drive.

One of the most hot-button issues to arise in recent years is distracted driving. Up to 80% of collisions are caused by distracted driving and the OPP report that distracted driving was responsible for more collisions than impaired driving or speed-related collisions in 2014.

The most common form of distracted driving now is texting and driving and this dangerous behavior can have fatal consequences. Texting and driving isn’t just limited to teenage drivers – adults also take part in this risky behavior. However, in a recent survey, 45% of high school students self-reported texting while driving; since many of our beginner drivers are high school students, we want to break these routines before they become dangerous habits.

At DriveWise, anti-texting and driving is an important component of our teaching. We touch on the dangers of texting and driving during our classroom sessions but we take it one step further with our texting and driving simulator. This simulator lets students experience the dangers of texting and driving without actually putting them in a position where they could get hurt. The simulator feels just like a real car, with a steering wheel, brake pedal and accelerator. Three computer monitors mimic the 180 degree view you would have in a real vehicle and makes the on-screen versions of things like traffic, pedestrians, cyclists and weather feel very real.

Every DriveWise program has three components that are designed to teach students with a variety of different learning styles. Our three-pronged approach to learning ensures that concepts are easily understood and reinforced while remaining interesting and engaging.

  1. Classroom education & driving simulator
  2. Online learning
  3. In-car lessons

To find out when the next DriveWise Chatham SafeStart course begins, please check the SafeStart schedule.