DriveWise Driving Simulation

At DriveWise, in addition to our interactive class lectures and one-on-one in-car lessons, we offer a driving simulation experience that gives new G1 drivers the chance to practice driving in a safe, simulated environment.
Our driving simulation is a major component of our Ministry-approved DriveWise SafeStart beginner driver education program.

How the driving simulator works

The driving simulator replicates the driving environment and common road conditions using three monitors, which offer a 180-degree view. The simulation program presents a road-based scenario, such as a snowy road that has patches of ice. Students use the driving simulator’s gas pedal, wheel, mirrors and brake to practice safe driving.

While the simulator mimics the driving experience, it does not replicate it exactly. Drivers will not be able to feel acceleration, deceleration, or movement in the simulator. The computer screen tracks these metrics for drivers.

Benefits of practicing in the driving simulator

By using a simulator, the DriveWise instructor can coach students through safe driving in a wide range of situations. This way, students can gain experience responding to a skid, braking to avoid hitting a deer, or safely using the passing lane before they begin their in-car driving lessons.

Driving school instructors use the simulator to replicate hazardous weather, emergency situations, traffic congestion, and other common scenarios when driving around Chatham, On. During simulator labs instructors coach the participants on aspects of road safety and safe driving techniques.

Students will get the chance to immediately practice new ideas and reinforce classroom learning objectives. In the simulator, students can practice driving in all types of weather, terrain, and traffic. They receive more driving experience than they would be exposed to during vehicle lessons. This can increase beginner driver confidence, reinforce safe driving strategies, and improve driving habits once students get behind the wheel.

Our driving simulator is also capable of replicating distracted driving and impaired driving scenarios for educational purposes, giving students a better understanding of the risks of texting or drinking and driving.

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