A big THANK YOU to Drivewise, CHATHAM I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the support, encouragement and service I received from Drivewise, Chatham. The staff is AWESOME and the instructors, AMAZING! This might sound like hyperbole but it’s the honest truth. The proof is in the fact that despite my enormous nervousness almost to the point of paranoia (I felt nauseated just at the thought of an exam – a particular condition I’ve suffered since school years), Drivewise managed to help me overcome this affliction and I passed my driving exam last Thursday 21st November, 2019 – yippee! It began with my positive interaction with staff member, EMMA who aligned me with DAN, the instructor. Dan is a man of many talents but in particular, he’s endued with a vast amount of patience and understanding. Dan is one of the few people I’ve met in my life (and yes, I’ve met many since I’m 65 years old!) who has the ability to correct without criticizing. Bearing in mind that one’s life is on the line with every new driver, it’s impressive that Dan is able to remain so calm and collected. When Emma was not at work staff member, CINDY was there to carry on the pleasantries to enable me to feel relaxed but even more importantly, to build the confidence I needed that I could pass the MTO Exam. Both Emma and Cindy were convince that if Dan thought I could do it successfully, then it “must be so”. This was sufficient to alleviate a lot of my anxiety. In addition, Dan has a secret strategy that he shares with all his nervous students. If you want to know what that is and you need to get your MTO Driver’s Licence, then take your driving lessons at Drivewise, Chatham, you will be well-rewarded. They are reasonably priced and in any event, it’s not about the money. For instance, even though I insisted on taking an extra lesson, they had all stated I did not need to do so. That approach alone says it all. This review might be long due to the euphoria I still carry since passing the MTO Driver’s Exam which was a big step for me as the need for independence was great. Yet, I cannot overstate the help and excellent service I received from Drivewise, Chatham. Therefore, I reiterate a bid THANK YOU to Emma, Cindy and Dan; I will be forever indebted to you guys. : )

Helen B. Tilbury

Hi, I would like to let you know that I just passed my highway test, April 13. In order to give it another try to the related test, I hired Shirley, which is one of your professional instructors. And I am very delighted with the service/input she provided me. Everything she said and did for me was of exceptional help.

I could understand a lot and do a way better driving than ever. Again I would like to commend the high quality instructors you have within your staff, she is completely amazing as a driving instructor and I would like to thank her and thank the Drive Wise driving school for the effort made in providing a good customer service experience. Keep up the good job.

Ana R

I finished in car last week and am very impressed with the whole complete DriveWise course from start to finish. I think everyone should have to take DriveWise , it is the best . I love the simulator. It is so realistic and you really learn alot on it before you start your in car training. It is like driving but without the risk when learning .Thanks so much to everyone at DriveWise. You all really care.

Devon R. Chatham

Dan was a very enthusiastic and funny teacher. I would definitely recommend my friends to DriveWise.I would like Dan as my driving instructor.

Mitchell S. Tilbury

Before this class I never really cared about wearing a seatbelt. After watching those videos and seeing how hurt the families were, I couldn’t do that to my family. Thank you for opening my eyes to the harm I could have caused. This class has opened my eyes to how attentative you have to be while driving. There are all sorts of things going on around you. You have to be prepared for anything at anytime. Thank you for this opportunity to improve. P.S. The simulator rocked

Caitlyn D. Chatham

Dan helped me take on the responsibility of driving defensively and made me realize driving is something you don’t play around with! He also makes everything sound interesting and is a great teacher. He is also a great listener and helped me understand the rules of the road. Thank you Dan.

Sara Friesenn, Thamesville

I learned a lot. Dan is a great teacher and very interesting. Loved the simulator!!!!! Not to scared to drive now and understand the rules of the road. “Thank you so much”

Jackie Patterson, Erieau

In 2007 I was in a collision with a truck. I was a passenger in the front seat of a cab. To this day I get scared of vehicles not stopping when required, My instructor made his class easy to understand and remember. I left wanting to be a driver and confident that I can be a 6 star success.

Julie Ann Thorpe, Chatham

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