G1 Driving Course & Drive Test Preparation

The DriveWise SafeStart driver education program offers new drivers the opportunity to learn how to drive in a program that targets many styles of learning. This helps reinforce key concepts and prepares students for the G1 test and the G2 driver test that is required to obtain an Ontario driver’s license. The SafeStart program differs from other driving lessons because it incorporates theoretical and real-time driver training. The DriveWise driving school effectively prepares beginner drivers for their G1 drivers test by teaching them how to drive to proactively, cooperatively and avoid road hazards to remain incident free.

About the DriveWise SafeStart 40 hour blended program


10 Hours Online Self Paced

The SafeStart program starts off with 10 hours of self paced online learning modules. This is done in the comfort of your home with your schedule. This must be completed before you can proceed to the remaining 10 hours of theory which is in our DriveWise classroom.

10 Hours in the Classroom

The SafeStart theory program is completed with 10 hours of in-class instruction. This also includes driving simulation labs which allow new drivers to practice maneuvering hazards without the risk of an actual collision. Our simulator presents students with very realistic driving situations, like icy, snowy roads and even demonstrates how impaired driving and texting while driving can affect your ability to drive safely. The simulator experience feels authentic and it helps mitigate new driver fears. It also demonstrates the need to focus on the road, helping improve student driving capabilities before they get behind the wheel. .

10 Hours of Online Homelink

In addition to the ministry-suggested 20 hours of learning in an innovative online and classroom environment, G1 drivers will continue to develop their theoretical knowledge of driving best practices during ten hours of online homework called Homelink. Like our in-class car and driving sessions, the SafeStart online learning program includes all the crucial information that drivers need to know before getting behind the wheel. Our online learning component teaches students what road signs mean and gives them a thorough understanding of road laws. This ensures that our students will drive in a safe and lawful manner and help them graduate to their G2 stage of licensing.

10 Hours In-Car Training

The final component of the SafeStart program is ten hours of in-car hands-on driving training. New drivers practicing for their G2 driving test will be able to put their theoretical understand of road safety into practice under the guidance of an experienced driving professional. Students will be able to continuously develop their skills as proactive drivers as our instructors are dedicated to helping new drivers become good, confident drivers, in turn enabling them to graduate to their G2 and G licenses.

What Makes the DriveWise SafeStart Different From Other Driving Schools?

  • All students are encouraged to actively participate, with interactive quizzes and interesting discussions
  • Our driving simulator creates the safest environment for students learning how to drive by eliminating anxiety and thus elevating the effectiveness of the lessons
  • Our program combines theoretical and real-time learning to create proactive drivers who understand all the components of safe and legal driving
  • Every student receives hands-on, individualized attention that addresses their unique driving needs

SafeStart students also have the option of upgrading to the SafeStart Driver Training and Road Test Package which includes additional training to prepare you for your drivers test which includes the DriveWise vehicle for the actual road test . Don’t compromise your safety or the safety of other drivers on the road. Start your driving with a thorough understanding of driving best-practices today!