SafeStart Program


Our SafeStart new driver training program is one of the most respected in the country. Using a blended model that links interactive classroom learning with one-on-one in-vehicle training, the DriveWise approach provides all new drivers with a solid foundation of safety, skill and confidence.

DriveWise courses are so unique because they are so interactive. Students are engaged through the use of state-of-the-art quizzes and games, and are challenged through case studies, group discussions and exciting learning activities.

Our highly trained instructors lay the foundation for skill development and improvement through intensive and interactive classroom material, which is then reinforced in the driving simulator.

Interactive quizzes

Educational Gaming: DriveWise believes that learning should be fun, so we have created a learning environment students can enjoy and be engaged in. Our classroom uses a mix of media, as well as interactive quizzes that emotionally involve the students.

Classroom discussion

Group Discussions: While lecture-based courses can easily bore the students, DriveWise courses are built to include everyone in a variety of group discussions and case studies. Students are able to not only participate, but be leaders in developing strategies for safe driving practices.

Simulation labs

Simulation: Our simulator is an incredibly powerful tool for improving decision making and emphasizing the need for proactive driving skills/habits. Students can be put in risky situations without being put at risk, which allows instructors to focus on coaching. Students are also able to make mistakes safely, with scenario replays able to point out mistakes and highlight areas of improvement.

Through the use of simulation, students are exposed to everything available through an in-vehicle program and more. The flexibility and safe environment of the simulator enables DriveWise to expose participants to situations that would be impossible in a live vehicle. (Approximately 6 hours of classroom time is spent in the Simulation Lab.)

DriveSim used for hands-on lessons during the classroom portion of the new driver program

One-on-one In-vehicle Sessions


Once the classroom portion and the online homelink is complete, personalized in-vehicle lessons expand the student’s knowledge further, preparing them for a lifetime of safe driving.

With decades of instructional experience at their fingertips, students and parents can feel confident they are being trained by some of the most qualified instructors in the country. And they can feel safe knowing that DriveWise vehicles are all maintained to the highest level.

DriveWise vehicle is used for in-vehicle training


DriveWise’s online components work to further reinforce theory learned in the classroom. The independent form of study works as a refresher, but also as a way for students to further develop independent thought when it comes to making important decisions behind the wheel.