When your son or daughter is learning how to drive, it’s tempting to want to jump in and share all your knowledge with them at once. However, we understand that becoming a better driver is something that requires time, patience and practice.

In addition to trusting the experts at DriveWise Chatham-Kent driving school to teach your child the foundations of driving and safety while behind the wheel, it’s a good idea to also practice with your child on your own. We know it can be hard to be an objective teacher when it comes to your own child, so we’ve put together some great tips to help parents as they teach their children to drive.

  • Drive with your child a few times a week, for no longer than 30 minutes each time
  • Make sure your child is well-rested before they get behind the wheel
  • Make sure your child is wearing running shoes or something similar – avoid flip flops and shoes that do not have flat soles
  • Encourage your child to stay focused – this includes making sure their smartphone is out of reach, might include turning off the radio and avoiding in-depth conversations
  • Do your best not to yell at or scold your child for any mistakes, this might cause them to panic or get even more nervous behind the wheel – instead, try to praise good behavior with positive reinforcements to ensure good habits stick
  • Give the driver instructions well in advance and get them into the habit of looking ahead and adjusting their speed accordingly
  • Many new drivers are very worried about curbs or lines on the road and a good way to stop this is to encourage them to look ahead at where they are traveling towards
  • Choose a quiet time of day for beginner drivers to practice – mid-morning or late evenings during the week and early in the morning on weekends are good times to practice
    Start driving in a quiet residential area – this will help your child gain calm and confidence before building up to busier roads