If you have been convicted of a traffic offense, chances are that you are required to take part in remedial driving lessons. DriveWise is certified by insurance and government officials to administer remedial driver improvement courses to individuals of all ages and skill sets.

DriveWise also offers recurrent training for drivers who want to brush up on their driving skills. Our refresher driving programs will help you build your confidence, improve your road safety and correct improper driving habits.

We pride ourselves in our unique approach to learning how to drive and we apply these same learning principles to our remedial and recurrent driving courses. We offer students traditional classroom-based learning, but we also offer sessions in our state-of-the-art virtual driving simulator. Our driving simulator helps students build their confidence in a real-life driving situation that can include simulated conditions like rain, fog, snow and even what it feels like to drive impaired or while texting. The final element to the DriveWise approach to learning are the in-car sessions which gives students the opportunity to improve their skills and eliminate their bad driving habits.

Why Choose DriveWise?

Supportive Training Environment

DriveWise instructors are specially trained to deliver remedial refresher courses and refresher driving lessons to students of all backgrounds and ages. They will help you improve your driving habits in a supportive, non-threatening and non-judgmental environment. Our recurrent training can be done on a one-on-one basis or in a group setting to help you build the necessary skills you need to brush up on past lessons or to help you get your licence back.

Pick-up and Drop-off

Depending on participant requirements, the DriveWise in-car sessions can include pick-up and drop-off at a location that is convenient for you within the city of Chatham. Our in-car instructors can pick you up from home or work to ensure you can attend all of your refresher driving lessons within the city of Chatham.

Interactive In-Class Lessons

DriveWise lectures are fun, engaging and designed to target different learning styles. We use an interactive method and approach to help you retain, recall and use course material. We believe that taking a multi-pronged approach to learning is the best way to make sure mistakes don’t happen again and that bad habits are stopped before they become a dangerous problem.